PowerAutomate Trigger Conditions – For Specific Times

Update, thanks to Marc again, this is a lot simpler if you dont need minutes. See comments below. I have been experimenting with Trigger conditions in PowerAutomate. I wanted to have a flow that only ran at certain times of the day/night regardless of the trigger being fired.So in the case of an email trigger... Continue Reading →

Using SharePoint for Video

If you were not aware MS Stream is changing, all of the content will ultimately be stored within the SharePoint/OneDrive/Teams arena, its all SharePoint as you know. For some you may already be storing your recorded video in Teams, but still be using Stream for your video. There is a migration plan and a roadmap... Continue Reading →

My JSLink best practice

There are lots of examples about regarding how to correctly do JSLINK stuff, and I've nicked ideas from all of them. I've not been happy with any of them and I still wonder about mine, but this is the best I've come up with. It's MDS compliant, in includes a routine to automatically assign a... Continue Reading →

Not Self Hosting

Had enough of self hosting and for $13 a year wordpress can sort it all out and I keep my domain. So seems to be ok. DNS kicked in for me.  Cheeky wordpress doesnt do www, I find that out later after I paid.  But google's results are all being properly directed to the equivalent... Continue Reading →

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